Kappa Alpha Theta

Beta Zeta Chapter Oklahoma State University

Chapter History

Ruth Lahman, Betha Buffingotn, Virginia Howard, and Myrtle Adams met on February 26, 1913 to make plans for the establishment of a secret society on the campus of Oklahoma A&M College. They decided to call it Alpha Theta with the home that in the future Greek Letter societies would be recognized by the college, the society was known as the AT's, Afternoon Teas.


The first official meeting was held March 2, 1913 and Myrtle Adams was the first president. Regular meetings were held in the homes of the members, social events planned and carried out. A petition was put in to place in the spring of 1916, but in the spring of 1917 the United States entered the first World War. No active work was accomplished on the petition until the spring of 1919 when all the plans were revived and a formal petition was presented to the Grand Convention of Kappa Alpha Theta which was held on the campus of Washington University July 3-8, 1919.


The charter was granted July 5, 1919 and the installation of Beta Zeta Chapter was help September 6, 1919 as the 41st chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta.Twenty-two alumnae and fourteen undergraduates were initiated, only alumnae with college degrees were eligible for initiation. With the increase of enrollment in college after the war led to the increase of members of Beta Zeta to 100. As of September 1969 there has been 2151 members initiated into the Beta Zeta chapter.


Beta Zeta has been a strong chapter all through her 50 years. This has been accomplished because of the excellent cooperation of the chapter, alumnae club, the advisory board, and the house corporation. We have much to be proud of!